We have the tools, you have the colors

aroT, presents handcrafted kits, prepared with the basic so that you put colors


They are looms that are presented in a ready-to-mount kit With their warp,
there are three models, three, six and eight blades.


Modular looms, are individually mounted, and can be combined to make the compositions you want,
There are three types, the triangles, the rhombuses and the hexagons, are prepared in a kit and can be mounted with a single warp,
To make linear weave, or with double warp, to make weave in the right directions.





The 3D looms are in three dimensions, they form geometric figures with different plans,
from three to ten. There are six models, which are divided into triangular, square and pentagonal prisms,
And stars, three, four and five tips, an artisan challenge!



Laranya is a four-legged loom, foldable so you can have it at home and carry it easily anywhere you want,
With him, you can do all kinds of patterns, it is presented in two sizes,
the small one, of 370 mm of sample, and the large one, of 610 mm.




The accessories to thread the ideas you want, complements adapted to different
types of fabric, needles, flat or double throwers.



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