Health and weaver

Knitting is a beneficial activity for both our physical and mental health, as it helps
to decrease heart rate, muscle tension and blood pressure.
The English psychotherapist Betsan Corkill, published in 2014 a study in which he worked
With more than 3,500 weavers and weavers, this study allowed it to complete a series of assertions:
1. More than half of the weavers said they felt very happy when weaving.
2. There is a relationship between the evidence with which weaving and the state of soul and feelings. The more we weave, the happier we feel.
3. People who weave frequently, more than three times a week, are calmer, less anxious, and have more self-confidence.
4. Being in a group is very beneficial, because besides what you give yourself knitting, you can create good social bonds.

From all this, it follows that weaving has psychological and social benefits,
that can contribute to our well-being and improve our quality of life …

The brain that weaves

Knitting is not a mere repetition of movements of the hands. When we weaving we put into operation numerous cognitive functions:
As we have to plan, we use our executive functions, we activate our attention, we stimulate the visually impaired functions
and vis-constructive, without realizing we understand mathematical reasoning and finally, we constantly use the memory.
That is why knitting can be very therapeutic for:

Children and adults with TDH
People with a stress-related or anxiety-related disorder.
For people who have some difficulty with fine motor skills.
To maintain the cognitive functions of our grandparents

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