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Tools for working felt, compactors and profilers

Felting tools

To get a good piece of felt, which is a type of non-woven fabric, important tools are needed such as the compactor, which serves to squeeze and compact the fibers in wet, or the profiler, which serves to make and enlarge holes in the felt , as well as rounding the edges to achieve a good finish.



Felting profiler

is a tool made in a lathe tool and is used to enlarge holes and outline corners of the pieces of felt that we have previously compacted.

The conical design allows us to enlarge and profile holes of different sizes up to a diameter of 45 mm.

MEASURES: Long: 320 mm Diameter: 45 mm



Felting former

Tool made by hand on a lathe and used to shape and compact our felt pieces, for making, for example, footwear or hats.


Compacting small
Small compactor

Felting compactor

The small compactor is a tool designed to fix the fibers in wet work in small formats or corners of large parts.

Its ergonomic handle design allows us to work comfortably, as it grips very well.

MEASURES: Base: 80 x 80 mm Height: 50 mm


Big compactor

The large compactor allows us to work larger pieces with fewer passes thanks to their size. It also has a larger ergonomic handle, which will allow us to grip the piece comfortably with one or two hands, to facilitate the work of felting.

MEASURES: Base: 130 x 130 mm Height: 50 mm

Felting tools

In our workshop, we make tools to work the felt from the beginning, with the compactors, to make felt or the profilers, to make holes and profile, If you want to know more about all the other products we have, you can go to Instagram or follow our website …