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We make looms for knitting, felting and marbling tools....

Square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal and rhombus looms!

Looms of many shapes, square, rectangular, hexagonal, triangular or romboidal looms and all of them, in different sizes.

Very easy to knit and then you can join them together as if it were patchwork work.

You can knit them with needles, round or flat, a whole textile world that comes from traditional frames….

big frame loom
Detachable and adjustable frame loom

Frame looms, which can be standard size or the desired size, removable and adjustable in size to save warp as they fit the fabric you want to make.

Four-ply looms with two widths available, foldable, and easy to carry because they take up little space.

desktop loom
four-lever desktop loom
radial looms
Radial or circular loom

Radial looms and mandala looms are a new type of looms that play with round shapes and can be woven in a thousand ways.

The radial looms are three, five and eight blades.

Mandala looms are looms on the front and mandalas on the radar.

loom and mandala
Loom and mandala
Cont looms
Tabletop looms
3D looms
Orbit loom in three dimensions
Tri loom
Tri loom

Looms that are at the same time objects that once made, become desktop looms, for hanging or for whatever you want…

felt compactor
Felt compactor

Tools for working felt.

Compactors in two sizes, with ergonomic handle and ready to work in wet.

Profilers  to widen holes and profile the edges of the felt, can also work in wet and can be used to compact, the most versatile tool of all.

Felt peeler
Felt profiler

Tools for working marbling

Fixed combs of four types that have different separations between the needles to make different drawings, variable combs, to make designs with the separations of needles you need

Support for making radial marbling, drawings with circular waters

combs to work the marbling
Marble combs