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aroT, presents handcrafted kits, prepared with the basic so that you put colors

Patch Loom System


The Patch Loom System, is the result of bringing together ideas: weaving and Patchwork, with triangles, diamonds and hexagons, all of them in three sizes, which can be combined with each other, opens a world of incredible possibilities, with them you can get to do Patchwork with your fabrics. knit your looms, sew your looms, make Patch with your looms!


Multiloom, is a system of looms that are adjustable in inclination, polyvalent for many types of crafts because they have double tensioners and that also are unchangeable to be stored in a small place. In three variants, ground, desktop and one for the sofa in your home ….


They are looms that are presented in kit, ready to be assembled with the warp, there are three models, three, six and eight blades. Once woven, the result can be taken from the looms to make Patchwork or it can be used as a work of art in your home.


The modular looms, are mounted individually, and can be put together to make the compositions you want, there are three types, triangles, rhombuses and hexagons, are prepared in kit and can be assembled with a single warp, to make linear fabric , or, with double warp, to make fabric in two directions. Once woven, the result can be taken from the looms to patchwork or can be used as a work of art in your home.


The 3D looms, are in three dimensions, form geometric figures with different planes, from three to ten. We have six models, which are divided into triangular prisms, square and pentagonal, and stars, three, four and five points, all a craft challenge! Once woven, they can also be disassembled for reuse and the fabric you make can be used as patch fabric, such as radial and modular fabrics.


Laraña, is a loom with four heddles, foldable so that you can have it at home and take it easily wherever you want, once used, it fits in a medium bag and in any closet at home … with it, you can make all kinds of patterns, with the four levers, they make raise and lower the four hedges that alternate threads, this means that you can make fabrics in taffeta, in twill, alternating all those reasons you want. It comes in two sizes, with widths of 370 mm and 610 mm.


The Bastiler, is a new type of loom that allows its folding, to work sitting or standing, which can be regulated in height to facilitate the comfort of work and that, moreover, can be used to make carpets or carpets, thanks to doubles tensors. The Bastiler, allows a width of up to 1000 mm, and the length you want, since having tense wheels, warps can be mounted as long as you want.


The family of objects, is formed by looms that once woven, are transformed into objects that you can use. As decoration, or for your daily use, like the bag that you can knit, you can also dismantle the fabric to use it to make patchwork if you need.


The accessories to make the ideas you want, accessories adapted to different types of fabric, needles, flat or double shuttles, which can be part of the looms in kid, or you can buy them separately, if you want …

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