Multiloom is a loom that is adapted to all forms of weaving


The Multiloom, is a system of looms that can take different forms, depending on the needs we have, it can be floor, desktop or can be used on the sofa of your home, to work in the most comfortable way possible, once mounted, it can be adjusted so that it can have many degrees of work inclination, it can be of high heddle and of low heddle, with multiloom, you can make tapestries, carpets, embroidery and endless knitting techniques because it has the advantage of the different inclinations, added to the double tensioning, anterior and posterior of the warp. In addition, once used, it can be disassembled to save it in a very small space.


Small floor multiloom


The multiloom small floor, is designed to work horizontally and up to an angle of 80 degrees, this allows the work of many different techniques, since it can go from low heddle to high heddle, besides facilitating work at the most comfortable angle of each user.


Large floor multiloom

The big Multiloom  floor, in addition to having the degrees of inclination of the previous one, has a zone of work much greater in depth, to control better the work carried out.


The sofa Multiloom


The sofa Multiloom , presents as a novelty, the fact of taking advantage of an element that we all have at home and that is precisely very comfortable because it allows us to work many hours without fatigue, and the loom, adapts to the inclination that we want to work supporting the two front legs on the seat.


Multiloom small desktop


The Multiloom desktop can go from horizontal to vertical, this gives a great versatility of work, can be high or low heddle, and adapts to our ideal position, to avoid forced postures and all this in a small space.


Multiloom large desktop


The large model, because a larger area of ​​work is added, with what we gain in control of the work done and, like all models, it is also removable so that it occupies the minimum space once used.


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