With the Patch loom system, you can knit and bond your fabrics as done with the Patchwork, but with your own designs and with a wide range of looms, the possibilities are endless …

R  1-2-3-4    –   RECTANGLE

The rectangular loom is presented in four different sizes and can be modulated with the rest of the patch system, because in each size, the width increases evenly.

P  1-2-3-16    –    SQUARE

The square patch also has 4 sizes and the same widths as the rectangle and the rest of the system.

P  4-5-6    –    OPEN TRIANGLE

In the triangular shape, the system presents the open and closed triangles, the open ones, are designed to facilitate the exit of the needle.

P   13-14-15   –   CLOSED TRIANGLE

The closed triangle, presented in three sizes with the opening, is designed to mount a double chain and thus use the loom to knit in a multidirectional manner.

P  10-11-12   –   RHOMBUS

The rhombus, presented in three sizes, is equivalent to the surface of two triangles in each size and is also compatible with square and rectangular shapes.

P   7-8   –  HEXAGON

The hexagon, in two sizes and also compatible with the rest of the system, is equivalent to six triangles or three rhombus. The Patch system offers a lot of combinations.

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