The Patch loom system
Patch rectangle
Patch square
triangle 1
Triangle 2

Square, rectangular, triangular, rhombic and hexagonal looms

With the Patch loom system, you can knit and bond your fabrics as done with the Patchwork, but with your own designs and with a wide range of looms, the possibilities are endless …


Rectangle mobile

Rectangular loom

R  1-2-3-4  The rectangular loom is presented in four different sizes and can be modulated with the rest of the patch system, because in each size, the width increases evenly.

R1:100 x 155  R2:  150 x 225 R3:  225 x 320  R4: 300 x 430 (mm)


Square mobile

The square loom

P  1-2-3-16 The square patch also has 4 sizes and the same widths as the rectangle and the rest of the system.

P1:   100 x 105 P2:   150 x 155 P3:   225 x 230 P4:   300 x 305 (mm)


Triangular loom

P  4-5-6 In the triangular shape, the system presents the open and closed triangles, the open ones, are designed to facilitate the exit of the needle.

P4:   110 x 95 P5: 180 x 156 P6:  250 x 217 (mm)


Patch closed triangle
Patch closed triangle

Closed triangular loom

P  13-14-15 The closed triangle, presented in three sizes with the opening, is designed to mount a double chain and thus use the loom to knit in a multidirectional manner.

P13:   110 x 95 P14:   180 x 156 P15:   250 x 217 (mm)


Patch rhombus loom
Patch rhomus mobile

Rhombus loom

P  10-11-12 The rhombus, presented in three sizes, is equivalent to the surface of two triangles in each size and is also compatible with square and rectangular shapes.

P10:96 x 166  P11:166 x 288  P12:236 x 400 (mm)



Hexagonal loom

P  7-8 The hexagon, in two sizes and also compatible with the rest of the system, is equivalent to six triangles or three rhombus. The Patch system offers a lot of combinations.

With the Patch Loom System you can weave and join the fabrics to make patchwork, looms with different shapes that joined together, give infinite possibilities.

The system presents square, rectangular, triangular, rhomboid and hexagonal looms, all of them with different measures that keep a proportion between them, so different shapes of different sizes can be joined together, with this, we mix the idea of ​​the fabric made by us, with the patchwork, which joins pieces of fabric.

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