Large looms
The Bastiler, is a loom
Icon of the loom Laranya

Large looms are a family of articulated looms offering many possibilities

Large looms

On this page you will find those sizes that we consider large and that in their entirety are foldable or removable to facilitate transport and storage, frame looms, which are removable and adjustable in size to save on warp and low heddle looms that are foldable to save space.

The Bastiler is a detachable and rollable loom

Mounted in maximum position

Mounted in the middle position

Mounted in minimum position


Carry bag

Disassembled in carrying bag is easy to carry.

Frame looms

The Bastiler, is a frame loom, detachable and adjustable frame loom.

Removable and adjustable in height, with lower tension system, comes in sizes 60×100 cm but we can adapt it to the needed sizes.

Bastiler  –  Height: 1000 Wide: 600 (mm)

View of the four-sided Laranya

Laranya 300

Laranya 600

Low heddle loom

Laraña comes in two dimensions of 300 and 600 wide, with a useful width of 210 and 420 mm respectively,  and folded, they fit in a raffia bag.

Laranya 300:  Long:155-660 Wide: 38 Height: 400

Laranya 600:  Long:155-660  Wide: 615 Height: 400

Big looms are looms such as racks of all sizes, high or low loom looms, all removable or foldable to make them easier to carry or store to for a good knitting, If you want to know more about the work that aroT does, you will find it on Instagram or if you continue browsing the web for sure, you will be surprised …..