Radials are round looms
Icon of the Radial-1 loom
Icon of the Radial-2
Icon of the Radial-3 loom

The radial, is a loom that comes from a center..

Radial loom 1

Non-woven Radial 1

Woven Radial 1


With the radial of three blades, you have three triangular faces, …. You have never woven anything like that ….

R-1  Height – 500  Width – 440  (mm)

Radial loom 2

Radial 2  kit

Woven Radial 2


The radial of six blades, which are six triangles to play with new challenges …

R-2    Height – 510 Width – 580 (mm)

Radial loom 3

Non woven Radial 3 

Woven Radial 3


And with the radial of eight blades, imagine what you can do …

R-3    Height – 580 Width – 580 (mm)

Radial looms are circular looms that in turn are divided into portions marked by their arms, which can also be removed for reuse or can remain on the loom permanently.

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